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Free Paleo Food List, Shopping List, and FAQ - Rx Primal

Free Paleo Food List, Shopping List, and FAQ

Paleo Food List Paleo Shopping List FREE

When I first started my journey, discovering the Paleo lifestyle, I wasn’t sure what I could eat, what I should avoid, and what–if any–pre-made snacks I could have. I literally spent an hour on what used to be a 15 minute grocery store trip, pouring over labels and ingredients. I ate a ton of paleo baked goods because I wasn’t sure what kind of snacks to make, plus I was still majorly craving sugary, carby foods.

I really wish I had had someone to help me clear out the old food in my pantry, walk me through the grocery store, and hand me some new snacks. After seven years, Paleo has become second nature to me, but I really remember the beginning. So, to all my beginners, whether this is your first time trying the diet or if you’ve tried but found that you didn’t have time to completely up-end your life, I would love to offer you a little help!

I’ve put together a combination food list, shopping list, and FAQ guide to walk you through starting the Paleo diet. Plus, you’ll find tons of great recipes and demonstrations to limit your time in the kitchen and to make Paleo an easy part of your daily life.

Paleo Food List Paleo Shopping List Preview

I’d love to stay in touch with you as you go through your own journey, and if you sign up for my newsletter below, I’ll send you the guide free along with my weekly recipes that give you quick, easy, healthy meal and snack options! You’ll even see a dessert now and again.


Free Paleo food list shopping list PDF

Becky Davis

Becky Davis

Hello, I'm Becky! I'm here to help you make the Paleo diet an easy part of your daily life. With my quick recipes, tips, and strategies readers and clients add healthy practices and stick with them! To hear a little more about my background, check out the "About Me" section or find me on social media.
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