How to Make Vanilla Extract at Home: An Easy DIY to Save $$$

June 27, 20161716Views
How to make vanilla extract at home

When I first learned from my mother how to make vanilla extract at home I was absolutely floored by how easy it was. And how delicious. How had we been conned into paying $5 for a tiny, tasteless bottle by the McCormicks of the world?

McCormick charges $23 on Amazon for a 16 oz bottle of sub-par extract. I can show you how to make vanilla extract that is out of this world for $16 in 5 minutes. PLUS I get to pick which flavor of vanilla beans I’d like to use. Have you had Indonesian vanilla extract? It’s rich and smokey while Madagascar vanilla is smooth and creamy. You’d be shocked what you’ve been missing if you’ve been buying vanilla extract off the shelf. I’ve even put the extract in my coffee with wonderful results it’s so rich and flavorful.

Beans used to make vanilla extract, Grade B, are surprisingly inexpensive I get this package which has a variety of different beans that have been cured for 60 cents per bean and I only use 1 for a mason jar full or 10 for a full bottle of vodka.

You’ll notice that these “Grade B” beans are dry. They are much less expensive than Grade A and are perfect for making vanilla extract. You simply cut them into small pieces–knife or scissors work fine–heat the vodka and add the vanilla bean pieces.

You can check out the video below for a quick break down on heating and checking the temperature. Join me next week on Facebook Live and subscribe there or to my Youtube Channel to get new videos with quick and easy Paleo recipes every week.

Becky Davis

Becky Davis

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