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This year I had the opportunity to check out Paleo f(x) 2016 in Austin and I had a blast! First off, there are a ton of really cool opportunities to meet people from around the world (no joke!) and hear about their experiences. I met people who had treated MS, arthritis, GI issues, and a range of autoimmune conditions through diet and lifestyle alone. It was really cool to hear their stories and hear about what their struggles had inspired them to do.

Abel James at Paleo f(x)The presentations were all really awesome to sit in on. I’ll be getting the video recordings when they come out. The subjects were as diverse as sustainable farming, the gut microbiome (my favorite!), quantifying moderation, and breaking barriers through positive thought. Stay tuned to catch my review on some of the ones I attended!

The presenters were also fantastic to meet in person. I’m a contributor to Primal Eye Magazine and I set up a couple interviews for the magazine I’d love for you to check out when they’re released. Dr. Michael Ruscio spoke with me about his experience working with patients to improve their health by improving and repairing their gut microbiota, the research behind all the techniques he recommends (or doesn’t!), and his upcoming book that I can’t wait to check out!

Julia Davison from America's Test Kitchen at Paleo f(x)I was lucky enough to catch up with Julia Davison from America’s Test Kitchen before her demo on the expo floor. The Test Kitchen’s latest release, Paleo Perfected, has been a fantastic read and her demo of one of the dishes created mouthwatering scents that brought in a crowd of conference-goers.

The expo floor was definitely something, too! There were rows upon rows of booths with Paleo snacks, treats, and fun. I was able to meet the people who poured their hearts into creating Paleo-friendly and sustainable products. For a fun run through of the vendors, check out my video below, shot live at the conference!

Becky Davis

Becky Davis

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