We Love Paleo, an Inspiring New Documentary You Should Check Out!

March 5, 20161378Views
We Love Paleo
This documentary was really incredible, both in content and cinematic structure. I’m going to try to give this a review without giving too much away. First off, the stories are extremely heartfelt and the film builds the interviewees’ characteristics in a way that draws you in to an individual story that builds into a much larger, global display of how Paleo is rising world-wide.  I’m not going to lie, it brought a tear to my eye a few times seeing how this movement has found strong roots in community members like those filmed here and grown to impact people outside of the community. The drive and passion towards helping others displayed in this film is moving.
I cannot recommend this video enough. I consider myself a “veteran” when it comes to the diet, lifestyle, science, and general knowledge and I still got loads out of watching, particularly hearing about what other community members are experiencing from Texas to Australia. It’s formatted in a way that is particularly accessible to someone with very little knowledge coming in; starting out with the basics and building on each concept with vivid examples and relatable dialog to elegantly paint the entire picture.
Again highly recommend it to anyone who’s curious, beginning, or a veteran. I plan on getting copies as gifts to a few friends and family members.
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