I Kick My Caffeine Dependency…Though Coffee’s Still Yummy

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First, let me say that I certainly am not denouncing coffee. I rather like coffee and I’ll still drink it. Coffee is a good source of magnesium and—in a reasonable amount—I see absolutely nothing wrong with it. What’s been bugging me is the dependency. Since I don’t drink much milk except in my coffee it’ll sometimes go bad or I’ll run out and forget to buy more and then I’m stuck needing coffee but loathing the taste of coconut milk in coffee. So, because I’ll be tired and groggy if I don’t, I end up drinking it and not enjoying it which is quite sad because coffee and whole milk is one of my favorite beverages. Plus I just really don’t like being dependent on unnecessary things. (Necessary being things like food, sleep, and dark chocolate.)

So, to this point, I didn’t want to be dependent to caffeine anymore. My first experiment was a flop. I went a month without coffee: drinking homemade hot chocolate or a mix of lime, Himalayan salt, and water. I was fine during the morning, which was surprising since I only ever drink coffee in the morning, but in the afternoon I’d struggle to stay awake. I was getting plenty of sleep, plenty of good food, and my normal exercise routine. I finally couldn’t deal with it anymore and went back to coffee or tea in the morning.
About a year later, my dad sent me a link to an article by Carolyn Dean suggesting that this dependency was based in magnesium deficiency. If you’ve been reading through my posts, you’ll know that I’ve been supplementing with ionic magnesium, it seemed like time to give it another shot since I’d just suffered through a Saturday with milk-less coffee. (Yes, I could have gone to the store but it’s hard to be motivated to do that when I haven’t had coffee and going to the store rather than slowly waking up is also annoying.)
A friend had also recommended gelatinized maca root recently to me, so I checked in with her and she vouched for it as an interesting supplement. It hadn’t worked as a caffeine replacement for her but I was still interested. Maca root is energizing in a very different way than caffeine. Rather than forcing your body in one direction (awake and alert, sometimes to the point of feeling jittery) maca helps to “right the ship”. Since caffeine dependency is caused by an increase in adenosine receptors by your brain as a response to caffeine inhibiting them, if you stop you’ll have an imbalance of adenosine and adenosine receptors. My (purely speculative) idea was that taking maca in the morning while cutting out caffeine would help my brain even out the balance more quickly.
I can’t tell you if the maca was instrumental to this, but I can relate my experience: since I still hadn’t bought milk I decided to try going without coffee. I didn’t take any maca since it hadn’t arrived yet. About 11 o’clock I was tired and lethargic and about to call the day and drink some coffee when the maca arrived. I took a small amount of it and felt much better. I was still a bit tired but now I didn’t feel like I had weights around my arms and ankles. I started taking maca every morning and I’ve felt no ill effects from not drinking coffee and I have not had the mid-day slump I got last time I attempted this. Maybe next I’ll try cutting out maca and see what happens?

Source: Rx Primal Blog

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