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October 4, 20151435Views
I’ve been experimenting with ionic magnesium for a bit now. I’ve been steadily increasing my dose from 1/4 teaspoon once a day to 1/2 teaspoon twice a day over the course of a month and seeing real improvements in my sleep, tension, and mood. Adam’s been taking it for about two weeks and I’ve seen the same improvements in him, most noteworthy being in the depth and quality of his breathing when asleep. I noticed immediately after his last (and worst) episode from Crohns, his breathing became irregular and often shallow and he didn’t sleep as deeply. While he’s gotten better over the months, he’s still retained a more shallow breath than me in contrast to before that episode. The first night I gave him 1/8 teaspoon of ionic magnesium, he fell deep asleep and his breathing was deep, fuller, and sounded much more healthy.
I’ve also noticed a big difference in our daily interactions. The mild spats—the inconsequential ones that sometimes get blown out of proportion—over such things as light bulbs wattage or cleaning up after a guest have been much easier and much less likely to balloon beyond their original topic. Both of us seem more relaxed and happy.I’ve also experienced interesting effects in regards to movement and tension in my muscles. I’ve had to change my outlook on going to the gym. In contrast to how I feel now, I was much more wired and just ready to move and let some tension and energy out. I’ve always been high energy, but not many people would have described me as wired per se. Now I feel very relaxed when I walk down and start out. It feels like I’m going to have trouble staying motivated, but I never do, often I’ll work out longer than I would have in the past. Often I used to have trouble staying concentrated for more than 20 minutes without a coach or guided workout but now there’s no trouble at all. Once I start moving and lifting, I still feel very relaxed and smooth rather than feeling tense from exertion. I am more aware of my body as well though that could be attributed to my increased practice in mindfulness and meditative yoga.

My mom has told me of similar experiences where she’s become more klutzy than usual because so much of the stiffness she’d had has gone. Movement has become so much easier that she puts the same amount of effort that she’d had to in the past and get much further.

An interesting flip side of this increased awareness, mobility, and relaxation: Adam and I seem to be experiencing soreness from past tension releasing. For myself this seems to be concentrated around my head, neck, and upper back where I hold the majority of stress. I’ve always had tension on my upper back that made it extremely difficult for me to get through a day without a trip to the gym to literally work out the tension. I’d be dancing around in pain by the end of the work day if I didn’t. A stability ball for a seat and a standing desk helped, but never alleviated the tension. When I began taking ionic magnesium, I experienced mild tension headaches. Searching through research and reports, magnesium should alleviate headaches so I’m not positive there’s a correlation, but it’s a shot in the dark that my body was finally releasing the tension I’d never fully let go of and addressing the strain I had been carrying. A bit more directly, I also began feeling extremely sore in my upper back, very similar to when I’d been extremely stressed for a period of time and finally let it go. Continuing with the magnesium, the soreness has subsided and I have stopped feeling the daily tension I have held since beginning my first full time job. I can actually feel when my jaw first begins to clench and immediately release rather than realizing it halfway through the day and releasing only to bring awareness back an hour later to find it clenched again.

Adam had experienced a lot of pain in his knees immediately following his recovery. The pain has been lessening, especially once I started giving him a supplement of collagen. After that, about the time he took the ionic magnesium, his leg muscles started feeling sore. He described it as “tired”. He also caught up on some sleep, I don’t keep a tally but it seemed to me that he’s been more in the “debt” side of range.

Overall I’ve seen some very direct results that seem very positive and some changes that may or may not correlate but seem very interesting.

Below is the brand I’ve been using. I HIGHLY recommend taking it in water or coconut milk as the taste is quite strong.

Source: Rx Primal Blog

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