Experimenting: You are Probably Deficient in Magnesium

September 3, 20151499Views
A discussion with my mom this week turned up a new idea I’ll be self-experimentating with. I had noted that, despite Adam’s overall improvement, he still had lingering inflammation in his lower abdomen. This is notable as he and I have been on a diet aimed specifically at lowering inflammation. I found this frustrating because, from all accounts and the wealth of knowledge my mother and I have accumulated, we were doing everything right. Musing, my mom mentioned what she had been experiencing with magnesium.
When she took a supplement, the inflammation in her abdomen went down, when she stopped taking it she saw a worsening. Subsequent research turned up information nicely summed up in Dr. Sircus’s blog. ( He recommends stress reduction, stomach massage, heat application, sodium or calcium bentonite, magnesium, and no sugar. He also linked to studies on the effects of magnesium on inflammation in chronic diseases. Additionally, the vast majority of Americans are magnesium deficient so this benefits everyone. (
This is day one, I took the magnesium bicarbonate last night. I’ve noticed that the persistent tension in my jaw and hips is gone and I’m more relaxed without sacrificing alertness. I slept solidly. Possibly the most interesting effect I’m noticing is that I can feel my muscles relaxed but sore in a new way. Rather than the usual sore I get after a work out or the painful sore I get after overextending, I can feel each point at which my muscle needs a stretch versus where I should not be adventuring. It’s as though normally my muscles are sore or hurt but still tense while now they are sore or hurt but relaxed and healing.
This is particularly noteworthy in my back where I usually have a difficult time differentiating between “good soreness” and “bad soreness” from overexertion. I can now feel the distinction as clearly as night and day.
Also worth noting: generally after a day at my desk (standing and sitting) my back is complaining. I don’t have that today.
I’ll follow up further as we are trying the liquid ionic magnesium recommended in The Magnesium Miracle.

Source: Rx Primal Blog

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